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Gabi adds Artificial Intelligence and Speech Recognition to AltaLink devices

Solution on Cloud Voice Recognition: A workplace filled with state-of-the-art technology is just as productive as the employees who use it. Getting the most out of creative IT requires efficiency, people-centric user interfaces needed to drive adoption and encourage use. Few UI designs suit the bill better than voice recognition. Today’s customers are increasingly expecting natural-language speech to guide the devices around them, i.e Amazon Alexa or Apple’s Siri. Now, the same easy interface that allows consumers to add items to their shopping lists or queue up the weather and traffic information of today is revolutionising the way we work in the modern office with technology.

Xerox has collaborated with Gabi Solutions to add AI-driven voice recognition power and reliability to the AltaLink Multifunction Devices series. Users skip Gabi Voice input screens and icons and get straight to the task with intuitive voice commands to copy, scan, email, print, troubleshoot and initiate requests for service.

Gabi Voice checks the box with a range of main features including, top of mind protection in all workplace environments:

  • Whitelisting: Only performs functions that are pre-programmed.
  • Save and encrypt: It encrypts all data and does not store data.
  • Activation of voice and the word wake: Only when the user says “Gabi …”, it begins to listen to pre-programmed commands
  • Frequent auto-updates: Proactive deployment of security fixes.

Gabi Voice supports English-language commands using IBM’s Watson AI power, and is built with corporate security and privacy in mind. Gabi only listens when its name is heard, and all commands are encrypted and routed through cloud identity and access controls. Gabi Voice is a breeze to mount. Connect the Gabi Voice hub to the network and mount the microphone / speaker system near the AltaLink that you are monitoring for.

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