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Italian developer Bianco Digitale has converted a low-cost Xerox C60 colour printer into a press for value-added printing, with kits for metallic colours, fluorescents, whites and varnishes.

The innovative laser printing system uses WHITE Toner and standard colours CMYW (cyan-magenta-yellow-white) or fluorescent (CMYW-Fluo) giving a wide gamut with black created using the three-colours and white as a true additional colour.

The new system with gold, silver or transparent toner, allows printing metallic colours and a glossy overprint in one step, all managed by RIP software PostScript 3 ™ White Digital WPs Management, developed in collaboration with DEV Studio.


Deliver more “wow” impact per printed page through digital speciality enhancements


The world has changed. It demands print applications that transcend CMYK


Opens up new production-level application opportunities, including white, clear, silver or gold dry inks in addition to CMYK


The C60-WPs-Multiverse printer can print gold, silver, white and clear colour in one step.

Bianco Digitale products increase the standard four colours of a Xerox C60 Copier/Printer and Xerox Versant 180 up to a potential of eleven colours using an additional seven special inks, including fluorescents, white, silver, gold and clear. The Multiverse version of the printer not only adds all the special colours but also increases the media weight of the printer to an impressive 450 gsm card!

Converted Xerox printers are able to use standard toner, fluorescent toner, standard black and metallic and clear toners. They can print directly on paper or cardstock up to 350gm² and automatic Duplex up to 300gm². By applying white ink as the first layer, it creates a base for colour text and images. It allows the use of black or coloured media which are impossible to print using a normal laser or ink-jet technology.

The H-Fluo printer uses fluorescent colour toners and standard black toner (without white toner), and prints bright colours beyond the traditional colour space providing unique graphics characteristics and special holographic effects.


The White toner and the Flourescent Toners from Bianco Digitale contain a UV reflective characteristic that is perfect for security printing. A normally invisible, watermark, printed text or image on show when lit by a UV light, perfect for printing any matter that requires security such as tickets for events or with any valuable use.


BiancoDigitale WPs management RIP software enables the simple management of all aspects of layout, colour calibration and profiling, monitoring consumption and optimal management of white depending on the media type. Through RIP, image management is simplified, thanks to a print preview that shows the document structure that will be sent to the printer and the parts where the white is applied, minimizing mistakes and waste.

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