Xerox printers are renowned innovators, with the latest advanced technology their latest utility streamlines digital production printer solutions, and efficiency. Find your digital printing and document management solutions here.D


Equitrac is an intelligent print management solution for advanced document cost control.  Integrated into your fleet of printers, it runs a tight ship for all Managed Print Services.


With mobile printing you can print to any networked or web-enabled printer from any device, giving users the flexibility to print on the run while maintaining the security and integrity of their documents.


ConnectKey technology links the physical and digital worlds & transforms traditional printing devices into intelligent, connected workplace assistants.


Equitrac is an intelligent print management solution for advanced document cost control. Integrated into your fleet of printers, it is able to track, analyse, bill-back and control usage as well as monitor, measure and manage printing costs. In essence, it runs a tight ship for all Managed Print Services. Equitrac has sat back and taken a long, hard look at the way people print and use printers, their consumption of paper, toner and ink and the life cycle of the document as it moves from the computer to the output tray.

They then came up with a software solution centred around creating a personal printer experience with no need to worry about print servers or direct IP printing. Enter I-Queue, which is as smart as it sounds. What happens is that instead of sending your documents to be printed on a device connected to your computer, either by a server or by an IP-based internet connection, you send it to the software-based “server in the sky” and it sits there, perfectly safe and encrypted, until you go to your printer and request the print release.

No more IT headaches networking printers; no more adding IP addresses to each individual computer; no more leaving the document in the output tray for all and sundry to see.

This simple solution answers a great many problems for a busy office; consumables are reduced and there is less waste, IT can address another thorny issue and the carbon footprint is down.

Embedded analytics mean that information about the use of each printer and its consumables is monitored, giving greater visibility and understanding about day-to-day use. And when it comes to GDPR and the security of personal and business data, Equitrac can also weigh in by protecting and storing data securely and ensuring that only authorised personnel to have access to the printed document once released. No prying eyes and no time left unattended. The bane of corporate espionage!


Find a Xerox printer

No matter where you are in the world you can print with your mobile, to start find a Xerox printer.

Connect via the ConnectKey app

With the ConnectKey app on your mobile, you can connect to any Xerox machine, even if it requires a password.

Print your documents

Once you are connected, you can choose the document from your phone and print away.

Mobile printing revolutionises the way your teams can print on the go – no matter where in the world they are.



ConnectKey-enabled devices connect with each other, and common functions work similarly on every machine, so users learn apps just once and apply them fleet-wide. Swipe, tap and pinch your way through simplified workflows on a large, colourful, tablet-like screen. When workflow travels across a ConnectKey-enriched fleet, the user experience is always consistent—regardless of model, and nothing encourages productivity like a familiar process.

Flexible ConnectKey technology allows you to customize interfaces for the apps you use most. Set up processes to move documents faster with your own specific one-touch workflows to or from cloud or network locations. ConnectKey is based on open systems architecture, making even more customization possible for specialized workflows. Installation wizards streamline setup, keeping that job off the IT to-do list.

Download apps directly from the Xerox App Gallery, then customize your interface to keep the most-used apps front and centre. It’s a completely new—and yet entirely familiar—way to power through complex workflows and common tasks.


Xerox Connect for Salesforce

Access to Salesforce’s Customer Relationship Management system right at the multifunction printer; upload and share sales management information to client folders by scanning the documents directly into Salesforce.

Xerox Audio Documents

Securely transforms hardcopy documents into audio files allowing commuters, multitaskers, or audio enthusiasts to listen on the go instead of reading.

Xerox Connect for Quickbooks Online

Offers a hassle-free expense reimbursement process with multi-receipt scanning. Receipt data is extracted into an expense report and submitted with notifications sent to reviewers for timely approval.

Xerox Form Manager

Simplifies management of multiple forms while reducing paper-based filing risks. With intelligent routing capabilities via embedded QR codes, scanned forms are automatically routed to the appropriate email address.

Xerox Quick Link

Enables a fast start to print without IT support. This intuitive app sends an email directly from the device containing appropriate links to install and connects computers or mobile devices with the drivers and configuration settings.

Xerox Proofreader

Checks for writing elements in the English language, such as spelling, grammar, and style.