Versant Presses

The Xerox Versant Family of Presses takes automation to the extreme

Incredibly, you’ll get higher quality, greater media latitude and advanced capabilities while spending less time on complicated and time-consuming calibration, alignment and high-overhead offline processes.

Whether you’re new to the expanded opportunities powered by innovative print technologies, or ready to take your successful print operation to the next level, you’ll advance, automate and do more with Versant.

Key Features
  • The Xerox Versant Family of Presses is the pinnacle of automation. Amazingly, you’ll get better content, more media flexibility, and advanced capabilities while wasting less time on time-consuming calibration, synchronisation, and high-overhead offline processes.
  • The Versant presses have a stunning Ultra HD resolution and 10-bit processing, which means they can print four times more pixels per page than other presses.
  • As business expands, more sophisticated automation, higher speeds, and built-in productivity enhancers improve performance and bottom-line results.

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