Touchless MFP control and improved remote worker security with Xerox Workplace Cloud

Easy-to-use, IT-friendly Xerox Workplace Cloud

Frees you from security risks while providing ease, insight into use, and dashboard-based monitoring and control of your entire fleet. Xerox Workplace Mobile App offers additional touchless MFP access for office employees while the Workplace Cloud provides improved security for remote staff and expanded access for IT administrators.

Pull printing function allows printing jobs only when needed, when the user authenticates on the printer, supporting both Xerox and non-Xerox printers.
Authentication to use a wide variety of authentication methods including card ID and mobile device authentication to manage safe access to the printer and the networked systems.
A simplified, secure single sign-on (SSO) experience to access your rear end systems while avoiding time-consuming logging in
Integration with ConnectKey ® user screens helps you to alter, erase or update job settings before printing & mdasn; save on expensive wasted prints.
An award-winning mobile print solution that enables users to easily find our mobile app and connect with printers. You can view all jobs from your mobile device, unlock the printer and submit direct prints at a later stage, or even upload print jobs. Or you can simply submit your prints by e-mail.

New Device functionality eliminates physical interaction with the MFP user panel


Workers with the Xerox Workplace App (free on Google Play and Apple App Store) have also been able to use their smartphones to print and scan documents on MFPs in the local network, and now they can even copy documents using the App as a remote MFP. Coupled with Xerox Workplace Cloud’s latest update, they can also handle safe print release through the App, eliminating the need to use the shared MFP control panel. The improved functionality of the App means that MFP activity can now be fully touchless in office-based settings, operated entirely by personal devices.

Enhanced management via the Cloud

In addition to monitoring, tracking and managing offsite vehicle operation through the Xerox Workplace Cloud, system administrators can now also remotely configure home-based driver settings. A modern double encryption protocol (both print and cloud links are encrypted) offers better security-enabling customers to manage business-sensitive data securely through home and office networks.

Xerox ® Workplace Cloud offers workflows related to security, print processing, cost reduction and accessibility.

This platform is perfect for accounts that want to reduce infrastructure for local networks or handle printers across various locations and networks. It’s easy to set up and use, and Xerox handles all the upgrades and fixes as it’s stored in the cloud. This frees up your IT resources while maintaining the maximum-security aspects you would expect.

Authentication and Access Control

Mobile Printing

Accounting, Reporting, and Rules