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What does XEROX XMPIE offer?

Combined with proprietary handwriting technology, XMPie’s omnichannel platform offers a new level of personalisation that produces impressive results. Produce and add data-driven charts and customised charts to the campaigns for omnichannel communications. Add the ability to make Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator unforgettable, custom images.

Exchange relevant procurement data with XMPie’s eProcurement platform, enabling buyers to control web, print and procurement workflows through their e-Procures platform. Data can be exchanged between the platform via email, text, social media, mobile phone, web and other platforms. Data-driven printing enables you to deliver specific marketing materials to your clients, increasing open and response rates. This ensures that consumers obtain appropriate and personalised print marketing content without wasting time.

Benefits of using XMPie

Imagine delivering a print marketing campaign to hundreds or thousands of people and having each one feel as though the message were addressed specifically to them. When your company sends consumers to print advertising campaigns, this technology will help them have a consistent experience while they’re on the go with personalised landing pages and QR codes. With XMPIE’s data-driven printing technology, variable data printing is a perfect way to take campaign optimization to the next level.

Without sacrificing speed or ease, you can construct customised charts and charts for individual customers. All of your data is in one location, and you know what works best for each audience and channel. Without having to review and channel individually, you can evaluate, develop, control, and create cross-channel campaigns to ensure a consistent experience across all channels. Using XMPIE’s data printing technology, you can quickly create variable data – images and graphics that are customised to particular customers – and learn which target audiences and channels are most successful.

Devices available with XMPie App

Xerox’s Connect XMPie app, which is available for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Android devices, is a one-touch app that automates daily repetitive tasks and allows you to access your printer from anywhere. XMPie offers a web and print service that allows you to automatically print to your customers on demand.

Flexible Media and Format

You can handle up to 10 cross-media campaigns across multiple channels such as email, social media, print and video simultaneously. XMPie provides a web and print service that helps you to print on demand for your customers. You can concurrently manage up to ten cross-media campaigns across various platforms including email, social media, print, and video.

You choose a common platform that can accommodate a variety of media formats, including print, video, and digital. You are not obligated to follow any media source, including print, and you are free to follow the same requirements as any other media provider, organisation, or consumer.


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