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The P5 Software Platform from Archiware is made up of four components that each serve a particular data management purpose. With each module’s distinct functionality, you can find the best fit for your business needs.

P5 Software Suite from Archiware

Excellent for companies in the media and entertainment industry. The Archiware P5 Suite has four modules that secure data utilising the A-B-C method of data management: Archive, Backup, and Cloning.

To provide optimum data protection, all modules can be coupled to form multiple-step security concepts. Archiware P5 secures data on the disc, tape, and the cloud, and includes multiple partner integrations.


  • Backup, cloning/replication, and archiving
  • Easy to set up and utilise
  • Company access to the backup & archive system
  • Save time finding files with Archive as Single Source of truth
  • Save money and storage by migrating file storage Archive

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One Platform

The P5 Platform’s browser-based user interface offers optimum user-friendly. Step-by-step explanation walks users through the establishment of data security plans. P5 is accessible from anywhere, at any time, via the online interface. The modules all have the same structure to cut down on the learning curve.

One Software

P5 is a server operating system that allows you to switch between different operating systems at the touch of a button. P5 is platform agnostic when it comes to storage, allowing for things like cloning from one OS to another. It’s compatible with Mac OS X, Windows, Linux, Synology, FreeBSD, QNAP, and NETGEAR devices.

Your Installation

Multiple Archiware modules can be used to share resources such as tape libraries for P5 Backup and P5 Archive. Resources can be re-allocated to respond to changing circumstances if necessary, without requiring re-installation. Support and maintenance for the first 12 months of use is available for free.

The all-in-one device with integrated LTO drive proves to be a great solution.

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One Manufacturer
Many Partners

The Archiware P5 platform works with a variety of storage hardware. P5 Archive and P5 Backup are compatible with tape gear from any vendor. All modules function with virtually any sort of disc storage, including file servers, Direct Attached Storage, SAN, and NAS. On the software side, the P5 Platform offers several integrations, particularly with Media Asset Management systems (MAM).

Important values and benefits

Free Choice of Storage

Which storage option is best for you is determined by your needs, budget, and plan. Each of the storage options – disc, tape, and cloud – has its own set of traits and advantages. Archiware P5 is compatible with a wide range of disc, tape, and cloud vendors. To provide the greatest versatility, P5 Backup and P5 Archive can use the disc, tape, and cloud storage.

Updates in the Browser

On macOS and Linux installations, software updates can be installed straight through the web-admin interface. This is especially beneficial for remote systems like Amazon EC2 instances, which might be difficult to update.

A single click searches Archiware’s servers for the latest versions, downloads and instals them, and restarts them. This capability is only available on platforms that don’t have their own programme registry, which includes P5. Windows and NAS systems like QNAP, Synology, and ReadyNAS all come with their own package manager.

The P5 License Model

The P5 Platform is offered as a single installer that includes all modules and requires a licence key to activate. This allows for the insertion of new modules at any moment without the requirement for time-consuming installation. The licence model for P5 Backup and P5 Archive is dependent on the tape or disc storage capacity as well as the number of LTO devices in libraries.

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