We keep our eco promise

At Colyer. we believe you are what you breathe.
Our role is to provide creative office solutions and Our mission is to do this sustainably. We’re doing everything we can to reduce our environmental footprint and contribute to a greener environment.

For every purchase that you make,
you help save our planet.

Media & Consumables Recycling

At Colyer. we ensure that our materials are easy to recycle on the client-side and use recycled paper and substrates whenever possible. We also recycle ink cartridges, toners and batteries via our various affiliate programs…

HP Planet PartnersXerox – EcoboxEcolab Recycling

We also endeavour to promote our range of environmentally friendly office products in our Web Shop.

Carbon Offset Initiatives

We encourage our customers to contribute to a healthier planet while maintaining their printing needs. By partnering with PrintReleaf we are taking bold steps towards carbon neutrality. Offsetting the greenhouse gas emissions associated with printing by tree planting, PrintReleaf allows customers to reforest their paper consumption one print job at a time.

Printer & Hardware Refurbishment

By refurbishing and repurposing printers, we aim to not only save you money, but also contribute to sustainable practices by giving a new lease of life to these devices. 

Zero Wastage

Our advanced service system automatically detects when your printer is running low of toner, or in need of a new consumable or part. Once we have received a notification about your printer needs, our expert engineers will deliver and place your items before the printer runs out of its resources. Saving time and minimising wastage.

We’ve also recycled 67% of our waste.

Sustainable Services

Improving air quality and protecting the environment is at the heart of everything we do. At Colyer, we believe you are what you breathe.  We’re doing everything we can to minimise our impact on the environment. In order to provide the most cost effective and sustainable service, our in-house delivery team prioritises the use of 100% zero-emission vehicles. Last year we saved 22.64 metric tonnes of CO2 – that’s the equivalent of planting 42.3 acres of fully grown trees!

Closed Loop Consumables

During the life of any printer, we understand that printers use a lot of parts made out of plastic including; Consumables, Toner, Drums, Fusers and Waste toner bottles.  As part of our sustainable eco pledge, our team collects back all plastic parts for printers that we send out to our clients. This plastic waste is then returned back to the factory to be recycled, to ensure that no plastic will end up in landfill or the sea.

Recycling with

HP Planet Partners

HP Latex L115, 54”, large wide format latex printer cutter, outdoor print applications, vinyl, signage, solvent printer, banner, wallpaper, canvas

Recycle HP Ink & Toner Cartridges

HP provides many free and convenient ways to recycle your used original HP ink and toner cartridges, LaserJet maintenance parts and supplies, and Samsung toner cartridges.

HP Designjet Z6810, large wide format indoor print applications, vinyl, canvas, banner, wallpaper, signage, photography, fine art

Recycle Large Format Printed Media

HP’s ‘take-back’ program allows commercial printers and their customers to return large format banners and flags to HP, who recycles them in a way that conserves resources.

Maintenance Kit

Recycle HP Packaging Materials

HP takes care of the recycling of packaging material shipped with hardware, at no extra cost.

Recycle Your Old HP Printer

Use the HP trade-in scheme to dispose of your old HP printer using their green recycle scheme. Find out more about trading in on our offers page.


A Xerox core value for 80 years!

Sustainability is a vital aspect to consider when selecting a printer and it’s consumables. It’s crucial to evaluate not only the product itself but also the environmental impact of the company you choose to support. By aligning with the Xerox brand which places a strong emphasis on sustainability, you can actively contribute to a greener future while fulfilling your office’s printing needs.

Recycle with Xerox Green World Alliance

Ecobox Collection

The Xerox Green World Alliance is a valuable recycling programme that minimises the environmental impacts of printer supplies and provides options for throwing away empty containers. Xerox supplies recycling programmes have kept thousands of tons of supplies out of landfills. Xerox is an industry leader in alternatives for used supplies, including print cartridge reprocessing, waste toner reuse, plastics and metals recovery and turning waste into energy.

Xerox EcoBox collection a free service to recycle Xerox-used toner cartridges and supplies.
Call now to request your FREE EcoBox collection, and make your contribution to the circular economy.


Green Credentials

We estimate that we save a whopping 639g of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere with each mile spent behind the wheel.

Electric Deliveries

Our delivery team zip about town in 100% zero emission vans, turning the heads of all they pass with their easily recognisable, shocking pink paint job. In 2018 our electric vans saved 42.3 acres of forests worth of carbon monoxides!

We ensure that our deliveries are grouped together by postcode with the simple aim of optimising time on the road. The sooner our drivers get back, the sooner they can get to the next delivery… yours!

Colyer vehicle


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