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is the only large-scale Apple Enterprise Management solution that connects, manages, and secures Apple users, devices, and services from anywhere. We’ve got you covered, regardless of the size or complexity of your environment.

Manage devices, connect
users and protect data with JAMF Software

Jamf Pro is a business-oriented computer management software that works with Apple macOS and iOS devices. With a simple method, this computing platform assists skilled IT technicians in saving time and money. As a result, it’s a useful tool for managing your devices, such as analysing key data, sharing settings, responding to threats, and deploying and maintaining software.


  • Organise | Quickly and consistently configure settings like Wi-Fi and email on all of your devices
  • Inventory | Gather information on your Apple devices’ hardware, software, and security settings automatically
  • Manage | As your workforce changes, you may centrally deploy apps over the air and redistribute licences
  • Protect | Secure your sensitive data by enforcing passcodes and locking/wiping devices from afar

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Allow users to install apps, update software, and maintain their own devices without requiring assistance from a help desk.

Software Management

See what’s installed on your computer, receive notifications of new software and distribute them to different devices.

Jamf Integrations

Apple School Manager, Apple Business Manager, Active Directory, SAML/SSO, and API connections are all supported by Jamf Pro.

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Jamf Pro gives you the power to check every box, from sophisticated customisations to custom scripts

Data collection

Only the data required to support your Apple macOS and iOS devices is collected by the Jamf Pro. Hardware Specifications, Installed Applications, Total Disk Space Usage, Services Running, Available Software Updates, Local User Accounts and Login/Logout Timestamps, Security Status, Primary User Information, and Campus Building Location are all examples of data collected for support and asset tracking.

Purpose of Jamf Software

The Jamf Pro can notify you when quick software updates are available, as well as deploy and update processes in the background, allowing you to focus on other things. You can keep track of your cybersecurity to make sure that software patches, firewalls, and anti-virus protection are up to date. You can also use the Self Service programme to schedule when and where you want to install new software or perform maintenance on your devices, giving you greater freedom.

Jamf Self-Service App

Self Service is a web-based tool that provides personalised material, such as documentation and links. Printers, software, and maintenance duties are all available. Our customers can use this app to install printers and software as needed. If your device is enrolled in Jamf Pro, it will come pre-loaded with the Self Service app, a default admin account, and standard programmes that are automatically updated and installed. Additional costs may apply depending on the security level of your device.

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