Creative Workflow from anywhere.

Imagine having your server mounted on your desktop with full and fast access to all your files, just like you would in the office… only, you’re not in the office. That’s LucidLink.

Instant access to an unlimited, shared, & secure file space in the cloud.

LucidLink is the perfect solution for Post Production Companies, Creative Agencies, Architects and any other industry that works with big data files but need to offer staff the ability to work outside the office from anywhere but still ensure the integrity of their data.

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Public, Private & Hybrid

Use any S3 Cloud Object Storage

Seamlessly works with any S3 Cloud Object storage, on-premises Object Storage, and Apple macOS, Windows & Linux operating system

Upto 100x Faster

Fast Stream

There will be no downloading or syncing: Data is streamed on-demand, and files can be accessed directly in the cloud.

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End-to-End Encryption


Using their own encryption key, customers have complete control over their files.

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Software As A Service

Clouds of your choosing: Elastic, pay-as-you, go infrastructure with no hardware or virtual appliances.

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Cloud Technology

LucidLink provides a cloud-backed distributed file service allowing instant access to an unlimited, shared, and secure file space in the cloud. It believes cloud object storage has the power to transform the way individuals and businesses store and access their files. Data streams directly to and from any object store, eliminating the hassle of downloading or synchronising.

LucidLink Eliminates:

Inefficiency | Complexity | Interruption to creative process | Friction | Change


Scalable | Pay only for what you use

Global | Work with the best talent globally, with no cost to manage global infrastructure. Cloud provider ensures availability and resilience

Secure | Protect your assets & win more business by meeting strict infosec requirements. Don’t pay to recover residual data

Instantly Accessible | Enable productivity by eliminating waiting time & cost associated with content download

Use any application | Use any existing toolset with your data and build a foundation for your long-term strategy

Simple | Lower IT costs with a single client install supporting Mac, Windows and Linux.

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Benefits of LucidLink.

  • Work From Anywhere

    LucidLink is the perfect solution for any business that needs to offer staff the ability to work outside the office from anywhere yet still ensure the integrity of their data.

  • Compatible with Main Cloud S3 Storage Vendors

    IBM Cloud, AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure Blob, Wasabi, the LucidLink service syncs a company’s metadata data globally at a user level avoiding the need to sync all your company data globally like other Cloud systems that rely on sync & share technology. Why put your data in the cloud to have to download it, to use it!

  • Upto 100 x Faster

    With LucidLink you can work live from the Cloud wherever you are and write directly to whichever storage provider you decide to use. With full support for object storage from AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure Blob, Wasabi, IBM Cloud.

    The LucidLink service syncs the metadata at a global user-level avoiding syncing data globally, at a user or local appliance level user Cloud Storage is presented as a Local Volume, effectively giving a local hard drive to everyone accessible globally.

  • Distance & Latency

    LucidLink solves the problem of distance and latency in cloud environments by minimising traffic between applications and remote storage. It allows file data to be delivered efficiently and streamed on-demand while dramatically increasing responsiveness.

  • Simple & Easy to Use

    Cloud Storage is presented as a Local Volume, not a network share, effectively giving a local hard drive for everyone to access globally

  • Works with Large Files

    Large file sizes have always been a headache for anyone wanting to work outside the office. The limitations of bandwidth and copying data to local hard drives have always restricted productivity, until now. Lucid Link finally solves this problem when it is needed most. Files are presented to a user as a locally formatted hard disk like on a traditional fileserver as if on the local area network, where you only read & write to the tiny blocks of data you need on demand. Makes this system incredibly fast. Files while in use are encrypted, secure and there is a file locking too.

  • Work with LIVE Video Online

    Unbelievably, it even works with Live Video! The clever technology works with data blocks and chops the file into small chunks so that users are only working on selected blocks at any one time and upload the changes only, you never have to download the whole file and then upload it again which minimises any expensive data charges.

  • Workgroup Integrity

    The system supports Windows file locking (InDesign for mac and rest coming soon) and works with Adobe products including Premiere Pro and works with multiple operating systems, Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Industry Sector Applications.

Media & Entertainment

Ideal for Remote Post-Production Workflows
  • Rapidly ingest hi-res footage for immediate access anywhere
  • Perform video and post-production editing directly in the cloud
  • Provide remote access to large VFX shot sequences
  • Eliminate costly transfer services

Video Surveillance

Ideal for Storing & Immediate Access to Video Footage
  • Easily integrate any cloud provider with the top VMS platforms
  • Archive footage to infinitely scalable cloud storage
  • Immediately access and review video at any time
  • 100% Secure End-to-End Encryption

Architecture, Engineering & Construction

Ideal for Remote Collaboration on CAD/CAM Projects
  • Collaborate on CAD/CAM models in real-time, directly out of the cloud
  • Seamlessly integrate with Revit, AutoCAD, and others
  • Protect and secure projects via automated snapshots and data encryption
  • Work on projects concurrently with global file locking

Creative & Design

Ideal for Hybrid Team Collaboration
  • Collaborate on large file sizes that are used in creative environments while hybrid working.
  • Real time access to assets and project updates.
  • Seamless transition between on premises and cloud based work.
  • Avoid portable hard drives and restricted productivity.

Applied Success.

Immediate Media Company Transforms Remote Workflows with LucidLink.

Read our Case Study to find out how Colyer has helped Immediate Media Co. to transform their remote Workflows.

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