Creative workflow in a post-pandemic world

Imagine having your server mounted on your desktop with full and fast access to all your files, just like you would in the office… only, you’re not in the office. That’s LucidLink.

Discover LucidLink

Instant access to an unlimited, shared, and secure file space in the cloud

LucidLink is the perfect solution for Post Production Companies, Creative Agencies, Architects and any other industry that works with big data files but need to offer staff the ability to work outside the office from anywhere but still ensure the integrity of their data.

Public, private and hybrid

Use any S3 Cloud Object storage

Seamlessly works with any S3 Cloud Object storage, on-premises Object Storage, and Apple macOS, Windows & Linux operating system

x100 faster

Fast Stream

There will be no downloading or syncing: Data is streamed on-demand, and files can be accessed directly in the cloud.

End-to-end encryption


Using their own encryption key, customers have complete control over their files.

Software As A Service


Clouds of your choosing: Elastic, pay-as-you, go infrastructure with no hardware or virtual appliances.

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