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Secure intelligent print

Equitrac increases print expense reductions, lowers network security concerns, and enhances compliance, enabling your company to work like tomorrow — today.

Advanced document cost control and management for all device features.

Equitrac Office is an intelligent print management system that gives users flexibility, convenience, and choice while decreasing IT complexity. It provides end-users with a secure mobile print workflow while also reducing expenses and simplifying fleet management. Equitrac Office provides single sign-on access to devices and services, personal print queues for increased document security and mobility, and rules for more cost-effective printing.


  • Analyse which devices are being over-or under-utilised, and identify peak usage periods by tracking how printers and copiers are being used and by whom
  • Reimburse expenses by department, cost centre, project, or client (bill-back)
  • Control who has access to certain devices, how they’re used, and how much time they spend using them
  • Easily integrate into your current IT infrastructure. All of your networkable printers, copiers, and multifunction devices are compatible
  • Scale from single-user sites to multi-location businesses with tens of thousands of devices and users

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Mitigates security risks

Print-to-Me can print and pick up documents from any location, reducing the danger of sensitive information being left at a printer.

Enables document security

Businesses can strengthen their security and compliance posture by using watermarking and user information/time stamps.

Extends mobile capabilities

Allow your mobile workforce to release and submit prints in a flexible and secure manner using Equitrac print

Intelligent print management software allows you to print quickly, securely, and cost-effectively

Small business
Print Management

Made Simple Start printing smarter—as soon as possible. Our simple installer offers speedy deployment of key software and capabilities if your small business relies on paper processes that sap resources and productivity. Spend less time on printer management and more time on your business.

Important values and benefits

Printing expenditures are reduced

Using integrated print controls, you can reduce the cost of your network print infrastructure. Using integrated print/scan workflows, you may eliminate non-essential printing

Easily scaled

Small businesses to huge enterprises with several offices and thousands of devices can all benefit from scalable, high-availability architecture

Manages efficiently

The time spent configuring a print environment is reduced thanks to a web-based administrative interface and installation wizard with template-driven tools

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