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OptimiDoc converts documents into digital format and sends them to any location. Efficiency and excellent order go hand in hand so this solution provides you with strong OptimiDoc tools for everyday digitisation.

Smart & environmentally friendly office of the future

OptimiDoc addresses the rising demand for document digitization and print management. It simplifies work for people and offices, saves time and money, and minimises the costs and infrastructure of major institutions. All of this while remaining ecologically friendly.


  • Document conversion
  • Digitalisation to cloud storage sites
  • Digitalisation of externally obtained data
  • Image quality enhancement
  • Bar code recognition
  • Document separation
  • Zone OCR

OptimiDoc - the smart management solution for your business

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Cloud Management

Smart document digitisation and print management are now within our grasp – and, thanks to all the features it provides, even closer than ever before. Start using our cutting-edge technology, and we’ll take care of the costly maintenance and hardware upgrades for you.

Server Solution

Do your policies prevent you from using a cloud-based solution? OptimiDoc will tailor the solution to your exact specifications and high standards. A server-based implementation solution for you: intelligent document digitisation and print management.

Preserve documents in digital format and access them from anywhere.

You can save documents straight to the cloud from mobile devices

Document Digitalisation

OptimiDoc can convert scanned documents into over 10 different file formats. It not only converts to clean text, but also preserves formatting, paragraphs, and graphics. Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, searchable PDFs, HTML, and plain TXT files are among the most common.

The digitalisation procedure is selected via the touch panel on your multifunctional printer. Documents are precisely and accurately digitalised before being delivered to a chosen storage site, such as e-mail, FTP, Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, or SharePoint.

Organised E-Documents

A scanner built within a multifunctional device is now obsolete. A digitalised document can be emailed, saved in a folder, or uploaded using a web interface. After that, simply send your document to your team emails to convert it to Word. By snapping images or uploading an image from your mobile device’s gallery, you can digitalise documents using the mobile app.

Barcode Recognition

The barcode recognition feature follows the path of digitalised content and displays the results in an easy-to-read format. It reads bar codes and uses them for document indexing, naming, and classification, or for further processing in the document management system. Over 60 of the most commonly used 1D and 2D codes are supported by OptimiDoc.

Document Separation

Document separation is frequently performed as part of a batch digitalisation process that involves numerous documents being processed at the same time. As a result, not all papers must be digitised independently. It automatically splits documents using a blank page, a bar code (as chosen), a predetermined page count, or pre-defined content on the first page of the document.

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