Workplace Cloud

Securely Printing from anywhere to anywhere
New highly-secure cloud-based portal extending Print Management to home workers enabling employees to send jobs from home to print in the office next time they visit or to a Printroom for documents to be printed and distributed.

Xerox Workplace Solutions

Enhanced management via the Cloud

Xerox® Workplace Cloud is easy to set up and use, so it’s the ideal choice for businesses or organisations with limited access to IT or looking to consolidate IT resources.

Workplace Cloud technology is suitable for businesses looking to decrease their local network infrastructure or manage printers across many locations and networks. It’s simple to set up and use, and because it’s housed in the cloud, Xerox handles all upgrades and patches. This frees up your IT resources while preserving the highest level of security possible.

  • Authentication & Access Control
  • Mobile printing
  • Security
  • Print management
  • Cost control
  • Mobility workflows

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Portal Based

As Workplace Cloud is a portal based service this keeps IT costs to a minimum with no need for standalone print servers, expensive software or high costs of IT support. The system is fully managed and includes mobile and desktop printing, printer authentication and reporting.

Hybrid Printing

Print jobs get sent to the cloud but also stay on your local desktop device as well, this means that files get released from the fastest release point available automatically.

Simple and Easy to use

As well as support for pin or RFID Security cards/fobs, Xerox Mobile App was added allowing authentication to happen via a SmartPhone as well. Post pandemic the Smartphone App has been upgraded to provide touchless printing and scanning so that the user can control all the functions of the device from their phone.

Working across multiple networks

to give you complete control of every printer at every location

Our easy-to-use, IT-friendly Xerox® Workplace Cloud frees you from security risks while offering convenience, usage insights and dashboard based monitoring and control of your entire printer fleet.

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Cost Control

The system provides a follow-me/secure printing service that manages cost control, mainly by reduction of print volume by negating unnecessary printing, wastage & prints taken by users in error.

With a secure release system, there is no need to have expensive to run personal desktop printers or dedicated MFDs for certain departments, because that department or person thinks this is the only way to print securely.


Authenticated users can print, copy and scan securely and users can collect sensitive documents at time of release, away from prying eyes, or even getting lost while sitting on the printer. This means companies can have compliancy especially for GDPR, so taking the appropriate steps to avoid data loss as the biggest area of data loss in companies is via print!

Home Printing

Extending the same business security to a user’s home printer, tracking business printing at home and covering accurately the costs for a user to print these business documents on their personal devices to reclaim this expense.

Content Security

Workplace Cloud has automated security workflow that can ensure that the type of documents and content being printed meet required standards with alerts against any breach of company policy or use of any security keywords entered into the system

Delegate Printing

The delegate printing feature enables you to grant permission for other users to access your print jobs wherever they are. This is particularly useful when a home worker needs a large quantity of documents printed and distributed and has a colleague in the office that can run the job out for them.

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