By combining original technologies with expertise from around the world, Fujifilm’s aim is to continuously create products and services that inspire and excite people everywhere.

At Fujifilm, they are continuously innovating to create new technologies, products and services that inspire and excite people everywhere.

The Fujifilm goal is to empower the potential and expand the horizons of tomorrow’s businesses and lifestyles. They take an open and flexible attitude to innovation, combining their original technology with human resources, expertise, and technology from around the world. Through this powerful synergy, they rapidly and nimbly develop new solutions that address the true needs of their global customers.

Flatbed Printers.

The Best Flatbed Printing Experience with Fuji Acuity Series. A collection of true flatbed printers that are unique in design. The Acuity Prime offers high-quality printing on various rigid and flexible media. We have an Acuity Prime installed at our Woking showroom, available for customer demonstrations and sample print jobs. Book your demo today.

Fujifilm Acuity Prime Hybrid Flatbed Printer

Fujifilm production printers consist of the ApeosPro C series, Revoria Press EC110, PC1120 and SC180 and SC170 these printers offer excellent quality prints and expectational speed

Fujifilm Apeos ProC Series Production Printer

Fujifilm ApeosPro C Series

Print Speeds upto
A4 - 81 ppm, A3 - 42ppm

Fujifilm Revoria SC180 Production Printer

Fujifilm Revoria Press SC180 / SC170

Media Weights 52g-400g
Printing Speeds of 80 ppm

Fujifilm Revoria Press EC1100 Production Printer

Fujifilm Revoria Press EC1100

100 ppm on mixed media
10-bit processing
Media weight 52-400g

Fujifilm Revoria PC1120 Production Printer

Fujifilm Revoria Press PC1120

1 pass 6 colour print engine
2400 x 2400 dpi.


In August 2022 we joined in partnership with Fujifilm. Three years ago, Fujifilm started rethinking its Acuity Prime wide format offering; focusing on new ways to deliver improved value, versatility, and ease of use and on defining a new level of print ROI. Fujifilm set out to do what it had first done back in 2000: to create a new blueprint for wide format. In addition In April 2024, they launch a range of Light Production printers, the Apeos and Revoria series, focusing on productivity, reliability, and growing demands in the work environment.


Focusing on a greener future

Fujifilm is committed to fully integrating print into the circular economy. Net zero doesn’t have to mean online only – print will always have a vital role to play, and we’re committed to making sure it can always play that role efficiently, effectively, and sustainably.

At the Broadstairs factory, the home of Acuity prime wide format they have engaged in several initiatives to be more sustainable in manufacturing

Just one example of their energy savings was that starting in 2016 they started buying renewable energy and installing solar panels. in June this year alone, their solar panels produced 82,240 kW of power. This is enough to power a typical UK household for 26 years.

Another example is they replaced their oil-based solvent cleaner with an 80% water-based (aqueous) cleaning solution, manufactured by a company called Safe Solvents. Coinciding with this, a first-of-its-kind pot washing machine, also supplied by Safe Solvents, was installed at the factory.

Read more at https://print-emea.fujifilm.com/resource/article-sustainability-in-manufacturing/

Fujifilm Sustainability
Discover more about FUJIFILM’S Sustainability Goals…

Contribute to resolving environmental issues through the reduction of thier global environmental impact.


Create a healthy society through the process of prevention, diagnosis and treatment in healthcare.

Daily Life

Support tangible and intangible social infrastructure aspects via thier products, services and technologies.

Work Style

Promote social change to improve workplace motivation by extending thier in-house work-style reform.


Improve and maintain governance structures by further disseminating an open, fair and clear corporate culture.

Supply Chain

Strengthen CSR foundations across the entire supply chain including factors of the environment, ethics, and human rights.

Making your
digital life

  • We have our own team of fully trained expert engineers
  • Sustainability is top of our agenda
  • Excellent customer services team
  • Great value servicing with consumables included
  • Best quality printing with accurate colours
  • High priority issues are given immediate attention

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