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Toner Technology .

Colour/Black-White Copy,
Print, Scan System

KIP systems utilise Contact Control Technology (CCT), the ultimate wide-format imaging solution. The ability to control the placement of the toner particles through direct contact at every stage of image development ensures the highest level of accuracy and precision quality in the production of every colour or black-and-white image.

KIP 71 Monochrome Series

Print, Scan System
6D/A1 per minute
with 1 or 2 Rolls


KIP 700 Colour Series

600dpi x 2400 dpi
Roll Capacity: 500' / 150 m
2 Rolls or 4 Rolls

KIP 700C and 71G Series

Toner Technology

  • Grayscale Copy, Print, Scan System
  • Intelligent Toner Technology
  • Highest Image Durability

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