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Give your multifunction printer mobile and cloud capabilities with Xerox ConnectKey Technology. Users can convert hard-copy records into easily accessible cloud-based electronic documents. Use their smartphone as a mobile scanner to convert real-world documents or images into digital files stored in the cloud.

Xerox ConnectKey Apps

When it comes to our workflow apps, flexibility reigns supreme
Because businesses change, the workflow tools you require today—such as a translation tool or scanning capability—might not be the ones you need next year. The Xerox App Gallery can help with that. This collection of easily downloadable apps is a starting point for customising and enhancing the capabilities of your MFP or printer with Xerox ConnectKey Technology.

The Xerox App Gallery has a variety of proprietary and third-party apps that can help your organisation save time and money by simplifying or automating operations. Simply browse the collection on the Xerox ConnectKey Technology-enabled device’s User Interface and press to install. When your business needs change, you may add, remove, or switch out apps from your personalised collection of workplace apps using the App Gallery’s built-in licencing flexibility.


  • Tablet-like Interface
  • Mobile & Cloud-ready
  • Benchmark Printer Security
  • Managed Print Services
  • Customised Apps
  • Streamlink Workflow

Upgrade your VersaLink and AltaLink printers today - use smart applications with Xerox ConectKey Technology

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Change your paper records to digital electronic documents and use the xerox cloud to access them.

The Cloud

Transfers documents from mobiles devices to the MFP by downloading, scanning, printing, sharing and translating them.

Xerox Apps

Use custom apps to replace time-consuming manual activities and speed up operations in your business.

ConnectKey Technology adapts to the office and wherever workers work, be more productive and address new business difficulties

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Evolutionary office environments

Xerox ConnectKey Technology is today’s smart office assistant that not only copies, scans, faxes, and prints documents, but also translates, shares, and generates electronic documents with only a few simple screen taps. All of this is accomplished using ConnectKey Technology’s cloud connectivity. Say goodbye to unstructured support, disconnected processes, separated peripherals, and scattered information.

Efficient user experience

Multiple users can now access the same document at the same time, speeding up the process. For disaster recovery, records are replicated on the cloud, providing 99% uptime and access from anywhere.


All of your papers can be scanned and digitised using a Xerox ConnectKey Technology-enabled MFP, and then stored in a central cloud-based repository.

Secure easy access

Use cloud printing from any Xerox ConnectKey Technology-enabled MFP in the print environment with cloud-based enterprise print management software. Authentication is required for print/scan and copy capabilities to increase document security.

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