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Device Management
& Security Platform.

For Apple Devices

Kandji is an Apple device management and security platform that empowers secure and productive global work. With Kandji, Apple devices transform themselves into enterprise-ready endpoints, with all the right apps, settings, and security systems in place. Through advanced automation and thoughtful experiences, Kandji brings much-needed harmony to the way IT, InfoSec, and Apple device users work today and tomorrow.

Why Kandji MDM from Colyer?

Efficiency & Scalability

Kandji’s automations are a force multiplier. They free your technology team from repetitive tasks, letting you focus energy on more impactful projects. Security templates get a fleet hardened and compliance-ready in minutes, and automated software updates mean no more patching, testing, or manually notifying users.


Kandji’s Device Management hardens your Apple devices to any standard with security configurations and automation designed to stay out of the user’s way. Configurations are enforced via MDM profiles and the Kandji Agent, which automatically remediates when a device strays from its desired state. Furthermore, when users uninstall crucial apps or change security settings, the Kandji Agent fixes it.

End User Experience

Kandji’s Device Management delivers elegant flows and prompts for Mac users who are ready to deploy right out of the box. Employees get what they need from IT and comply with device management requirements in a way that feels native to Apple, whether it’s the Mac setup, app installs, or OS upgrades.

What Kandji MDM
can do for you!

Kandji provides a modern & comprehensive Apple-specific MDM solution that saves administrators countless hours by automating repetitive tasks.

  • Deploy devices with zero touch
    Completely automate the provisioning of new devices for employees, then new devices can be deployed and set up with zero touch. Customers accomplish this in Kandji with Automated Device Enrolment and Liftoff.
  • Configure and secure devices
    Remotely configure and enforce settings and security controls on Apple devices.
  • Use identity provider credentials for the Mac login
    Give Mac users a login that leverages their single sign-on credentials for more secure logins and just one password for them to remember.
  • Keep apps and OSes up to date
    Ensure users are running approved apps and that the software running on their devices is updated within the required enforcement windows.
  • Reach and prove compliance with SOC 2 and other programs
    Enforce security configurations like disk encryption, endpoint protection, and other security controls. What’s more you can prove your maintenance of those configurations for audits.

Key Differentiators.


Kandji offers all customers premium, 24×5 support. All Kandji’s support engineers are Apple SMEs, and the Kandji support is not tiered.  Furthermore, they are achieving response times of under two minutes.

Total Cost of Ownership

Kandji’s MDM licence includes all MDM functionality, onboarding and migration support, and premium support.


Kandji was built from the ground upon modern architecture and designed to automate as many manual tasks as possible.

Would you like to schedule a call to learn more about Kandji and how it could increase your device management efficiency and lower your costs?

Endpoint Detection
& Response for Mac

Kandji’s Endpoint Detection & Response apprehends malware and potentially unwanted programs while using behavioural analytics to identify unknown threats based on typical execution actions.

Key Functionality

  • Monitors all files and applications on the Mac
  • Hooks into Apple’s Endpoint Security Framework
  • Scans files in realtime to determine if they are malicious
  • Kills processes
  • Quarantines files
  • Provides alerts and notifications
  • Enforces custom allow/block lists

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