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Hot Cloud Storage

It is simple, fast, predictable, affordable & secure.

  • Are you looking for a significant reduction in storage costs for your business?
  • Do you need more than 50 terabytes of storage?

Colyer has partnered with Wasabi to bring you the most competitively priced cloud storage for your business.

Why Wasabi from Colyer?


80% less than AWS S3, No complicated tiers or additional fees for egress or API calls

Performance rocket


Fast uploads and downloads than the competition, with private network options available.

shield security


Data centre redundancy, bucket replication and data immutability, 11x9s data durability.  Protects against ransomware.

Puzzle Pieces


Wasabi cloud storage Complies with major enterprise and government compliance standards.

Are you
ready to revolutionise
your cloud storage?

Wasabi is the only cloud storage service that enables MSPs or any large, multi-divisional organisation, to provision, monitor, and manage multiple storage accounts.  With simple streamline billing and premium support.

  • Store more data for less money at faster speeds with Wasabi Cloud NAS.
  • Migrate your data from any S3-compliant storage provider, With no egress fees.
  • Purchase in 1, 3 or 5 year increments
  • No fees for egress or API requests
  • Premium support plan

Does Wasabi
match your business

Wasabi is an ideal solution for multiple industries including Education, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Media & Entertainment & Public Sector. Possible applications include…

  • Archiving

  • Backup & Recovery

  • Cloud Computing

  • Data Migration

  • Media workflows

Making your
digital life

  • We have our own team of fully trained expert engineers
  • Sustainability is top of our agenda
  • Excellent customer services team
  • Great value servicing with consumables included
  • Best quality printing with accurate colours
  • High priority issues are given immediate attention
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