All-in-one creative platform solution

Designs.AI is an online platform that allows you to create designs by utilising proprietary AI technology. With user-friendly UI and AI-powered tools, you’ll be able to produce great marketing portfolios in minutes, even with no design experience.


Imagination through
artificial intelligence

These indispensable tools enable businesses to produce amazing designs, intriguing movies, bespoke logos, and clever mockups while conserving time and resources. Invite your colleagues to work on team projects and preserve brand assets to reuse them across several projects.

Key Features
  • Integrated all-in-one suite | You can use your projects in all of our products. Everything is accessible through your dashboard
  • Large content library | Thousands of layouts, graphics, and elements; millions of clips and photos
  • Storage & hosting in the cloud | On our online store, saves and organises all of your brand collateral
  • Software accessibility | Work on projects online and on a variety of devices. There is no installation needed
  • Easily manage brand assets | All of your design, video, and mockup initiatives should have a consistent brand aesthetic
  • Collaborate and share | Purchase multi-seat accounts for large teams and easily exchange project links

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Use A.I. logo generator to create distinctive logos and a complete brand identity kit for your business – choose from over 10,000 icons


Transform articles and text scripts into sophisticated, fully-edited films in more than 20 languages using our text-to-video technology


Text scripts may be converted into realistic voiceovers with numerous languages, tones, and pitches using our text-to-speech engine


Simply type in your text, choose a dynamic design template, and utilise the design wizard to produce thousands of different options

Generate AI-powered logos, movies, banners, and mockups. Create with Designs.AI with no experience needed.

Upgrade your creative production with the updated AI-based tools

Create end-to-end marketing campaigns for a large number of clients in a fraction of the time, money, and resources. Designs.AI provides a set of intelligent automation solutions that help your agency’s creative capabilities shine.

Important values & benefits

Easily brand, rebrand, and create marketing assets

  • Use Logomaker to convey the storey of your client’s brand
  • Save and export as many client brand identity kits as you want
  • Create brand materials and product mockups for clients in a matter of minutes
  • Simple logo, colour, typography, and pattern rules are included

Boost your team’s video production capabilities

  • Save a whopping 93% on video production
  • With on-the-spot video creation, you can create successful proposals
  • Content can be used for multi-platform video promotions

Customise hundreds of marketing assets

  • Use bulk upload to create advertising for many product listings in seconds
  • At a large scale, run frequent, tailored, multi-channel ad campaigns
  • Create a variety of ad variations for ongoing A/B testing
  • Consistently apply client branding standards to all materials

Remove the need for manual design

  • Import your brand characteristics into thousands of product mockups
  • Showcase your client’s whole product line while staying within budget
  • Batch editing allows you to easily see large ad campaigns
  • Use high-resolution mockups in your social media marketing