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What is Contract Proofing?

Contract proofing prints on a specific paper printed to a specific standard, the alternative used to be Chromalin, Fuji, IRIS etc. all of which were slow and expensive. Today contract proofing follows new standards with Fogra 39; has new hardware with modern inkjet and laser printers being better, faster and cheaper than before and with more automation.

Not to mention ISO 12647, the printing standards set and defined by the International Standards Organisation. ISO 12647 describes the conditions required to achieve standardisation within a certain tolerance, for most printing types: Offset, Flexo, Gravure, Digital and more.

Why doesn’t my laser print look like my final proof?

With all the developments why does your laser print look different to your final proof and how do you fix the problem? You could try a controlled environment, disclaimer stickers or just pretend it’s not a problem.

But what if you could:

  • Print to a standard on laser
  • Didn’t have to adjust artwork
  • Could proof instantly and inexpensively 
  • Could do it all the time 

Well, now you can with PrintStorm, a single server-based solution that drives laser and inkjet printers to the same standard


What is PrintStorm?

PrintStorm is a fusion of proofing system, print engine and industry print standards. Colyer London has brought together off-the-shelf, best-of-breed products from EFI, Canon, Xerox and Epson – acknowledged leaders in their respective fields – and combined their products into a single solution and made a fundamental change to the way we print and proof today. 

Benefits of PrintStorm:

  • PrintStorm centralises colour management across multiple printers
  • Runs on Windows and Macs
  • Future-proof: no built-in-obsolescence or annual licensing
  • Modular: only pay for what you need
  • Cross-platform for server and client
  • Inter-linked with Adobe to be completely up to date
  • Scalable: small or large sites, one or many printers 

PrintStorm consists of three main components

THE proofing RIP  | THE print engine  | THE print standard 

The Proofing RIP:

Goodbye complex colour, hello accurate printing

The benefits of colour-controlled printing are plenty. Consistency, predictability, substantial cost savings instead of excessive proofing and wasted prints. Therefore many of your laser proofs are going to end up being printed on a Litho press, so why not get an accurate idea of how it will look in the end, at the start? 

With PrintStorm, you only pay for the features you require. As a solution, this software means the system is future-proofed: grow or upgrade at any time. PrintStorm scales from a single Epson, Canon or Xerox printer up to multiple engines including digital presses. PrintStorm’s server and client run on most Macs and PC’s. Complicated colour management becomes a thing of the past. 




The Print Engine:

One RIP too many printers

Colyer London chose Xerox, Canon and Epson for PrintStorm’s output engines for their high quality, consistency, and their enthusiasm to be part of PrintStorm. Xerox and Canon offer versatility for laser printers, so no matter what space is available or what your requirements are; Colyer London can supply the best to match your needs.

When it comes to traditional contract proofing, Colyer London chose from Epson’s Stylus Pro range of wide-format inkjet printers. PrintStorm supports the full range of Stylus Pro printers including the very latest models, which have 98% Pantone spot colour match, and the optional Spectroproofer. It’s separate, easily removed and fully autonomous, comes in UV or non-UV, and makes the tedious task of profiling a pleasure.

The Print Engine:

One file on one RIP to multiple printers. Same colour standard.

Colour management is often complex. That’s why Colyer London chose Fogra standards as the foundation of PrintStorm. PrintStorm centralises your colour management and lifts the management burden from creative and IT teams. Printstorm calibrates, profiles and validates all printers. 

You can use the PrintStorm colour management software on any computer: just plug in your calibrator. PrintStorm accommodates all common standards such as Fogra39 (ISO Coated v2) and 26 (Newsprint) and US SWOP. Any common defined standard ICC profile can be used and validated by PrintStorm. So long as you have a standard to work to – and the appropriate paper – you can print and verify just about anything. 

Change the way you look at proofing

Why do I need Printstorm? Because it’s simple, and it works. Virtually no difference between the laser proof and the final printed article.

  • The consistent, predictable verifiable colour you can trust 
  • Remove reliance on expensive contract proofing from external providers 
  • Less time wasted adjusting artwork to compensate for inaccurate output 
  • Flexibility and regular updates make it a robust and future-proof solution 

Who can benefit from Printstorm?

Anyone who creates a product for print – offset, gravure, web, litho or digital. PrintStorm offers the lowest cost of ownership for simulated Fogra proofs for intermediate or final proofing. Combined with ease of use and high productivity, PrintStorm will drive down costs, save time and money by reducing external costs and unnecessary file revisions, allowing you to do more work in less time with your existing headcount. 

  • Advertising agencies 
  • Branding and design agencies 
  • Publishers 
  • Pre-press and reprographic departments 
  • Packaging designers 
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