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What is Jamf Pro?

The Jamf Pro is a computing management software that is the solution to Apple macOS and iOS devices for businesses. This computing platform helps professional IT technicians save time and money with a hassle-free process. Therefore it is a powerful tool for you to manage your devices including; analysing important data, distributing settings, respond to any threats, and deploy and maintain software.

Don’t worry about the collection of personal data

The Jamf Pro has been programmed to only collect data needed to support your Apple macOS and iOS devices. Any data collected for support and asset tracking includes; Hardware Specifications, Installed Applications, Total Disk Space Usage, Services Running, Available Software Updates, Local User Accounts and Login/Logout Timestamps, Security Status, Primary User Information, and Campus Building Location

What does Jamf Pro do?

The Jamf Pro can notify you when there are any quick software updates, run deployment and run updating processes in the background to give you more time to focus on other tasks. You can manage your cybersecurity to ensure that any software patches, firewalls and anti-virus protection are well maintained. Furthermore giving you flexibility, you can also plan when and where to install new software or run maintenance on your devices through the Self Service application.

What is the Jamf Self Service App

The Self Service is an application that provides customised content including helpful documentation and links. Access to printers, software, maintenance tasks and more. This app allows our customers to install printers and software when they need it. If your device is enrolled in Jamf Pro, it will have the Self Service app installed with your device with a default admin account and standard applications which are updated and installed automatically. Depending on the security level of your device there may be additional charges applied.


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