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Whether one individual manages a single computer or hundreds of devices are controlled by an experienced administrator, Xerox offers a platform that can be used by anyone to incorporate new workflows, procedures, and other activities. We offer you all the resources to streamline your process, build new efficiencies, and lift your productivity and team to a higher level, whether you are a small business with one computer to handle, a large business with hundreds or even thousands of MFPs, or an enterprise with a hundred devices and skilled administrators, all of whom manage.

With the development of Xerox ConnectKey technology, Xerox has broadened the capabilities of multifunction printers (MFPs) in the workforce. Based on the company’s latest ConnectKey technology, the platform optimises electronic document routing and management for even the smallest businesses with flexible workflows. ConnectKey Technologies replaces obsolete printers and other document technology in minutes, with the multi-function printers that scan, print and print documents from a single cloud-connected computer.

Your multifunction printer immediately becomes and can become, the core of a full productivity ecosystem with Xerox ConnectKey technology. Xerox ConnectKey technology, with Xerox Connectkey printers, lets you be right in the boxes at the heart of your entire productivity ecosystem. The ConnectKey Technology ecosystem is a range of Xerox and partners’ software solutions and applications designed to enhance the way they function.

Xerox takes security seriously and offers innovative features and solutions with this technology to ensure that the sensitive information of our organisation remains safe. In-house and in the cloud, ConnectKey Technology helps businesses streamline the handling of sensitive information. Furthermore, it exceeds security industry expectations and has infrastructure such that you can function in full peace.

An advanced address book with favourites offers Xerox ConnectKey technology that allows you to import existing contacts seamlessly and roll through several MFPs. This technology allows you to reach, on any computer equipped with Connect technology without functionality, all your preferred contacts, as well as their email addresses, phone numbers and other personal details. The ConnectKey Technology from Xerox lets you to create a customised favourite address book that allows you to import current contacts effortlessly and roll through multiple MFP’s with a single click on the button on the right of the Connect button-enabled devices.

MFPs directly from the cloud allow you to quickly and easily share documents while on the move or in the office. Simply download ConnectKey’s lightweight, server-free apps from your Xerox Mobile Connection app to enable the technology on your multifunction Connect Key printers. MFP is directly in the cloud and scans it on any Xerox ConnectKey Technology multifunction printer connected to a mobile device, and you can also scan and print it directly to a desktop computer or mobile phone using Xerox’s Mobile Link software.

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