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The Versant 280 and the Versant 4100 are two strong, new presses that we’re excited to introduce.

These new machines, which replace the highly successful Versant 180 and 3100 presses, offer more colours, more media, a wide range of finishing options, and powerful automation. These machines are intelligent, adaptable, and well-equipped. In a world where short print runs and quick turnaround times – even on heavyweight materials – are in high demand, they’ll help your customers make the most profit from every project. It’s referred to as being ‘profit-ready.’

Versant 280 | The all-in-one, an ever-evolving profit generator. Everything you need in a mid-production press has been reimagined.

With a swappable Vivid Toner Kit, the Versant 280 helps you target one of the fastest-growing digital print categories. Glistening gold, eye-catching silver, pristine white, and exquisite clear accents are now available to your customers. Plus, they can use a Bright Toner Kit to add eye-catching fluorescent magenta, yellow, and cyan to black, even on dark or coloured material.

The new inks will revolutionise greeting cards, invitations, posters, and anything else that requires the reader’s attention to be captured and maintained. They’ll be a hit with designers, print shops, and print buyers! Unrivalled application flexibility, unparalleled image quality, professional-grade finishing, greater dependability and security, plus advanced tools and automation are all features of the Xerox® Versant® 280 Printer.

With the Xerox® Adaptive CMYK Plus Kit, you can replace CMYK toners with specialised colours. CMYK is used to print classic digital applications. To run exciting new applications with shimmering metallics, white, and clear, swap out toners for the Xerox® Vivid Specialty Toner set. Alternatively, use the Xerox® Fluorescent Specialty Toner set to produce vibrant prints that glow under UV light.

Versant 4100 | A versatile press that’s been reimagined with even more intelligent automation for quality control that’s almost touch-free.

Scan, load, and go. The Predict Print Wizard makes it simple to maximise print output on a wide variety of media, including up to 400 gsm and 660 mm sheets. When loading different media, there’s no need to make manual modifications; simply scan a barcode, follow the simple step-by-step instruction, and start printing.

Everything is taken care of automatically, including alignment, image transfer, colour calibration, and profiling. Furthermore, Predict Print gathers and analyses real-world data from other Versant customers to fine-tune stock settings over time for ever faster and easier stock management. Job after job, day after day, it all adds up to great quality and productivity.

The Xerox automation storey has been enhanced by giving you a method to put your print – and profit – on the move. Xerox® Predict Print Media Manager Software increases productive and accurate stock definition and press set-up using crowd-sourced cloud data and sophisticated artificial intelligence. You’ll get optimal output on every print run, save time, and cut costs with this innovative and straightforward “Scan, Load, and Go” workflow on the Xerox® Versant® 4100 Press.

Go beyond CMYK with metallic, fluorescent and clear inks to wow customers and build business

Creativity is essential in the fast-paced world of print. You may now imagine and print in colours other than CMYK. Xerox Adaptive CMYK+ Kits enable you to print in gleaming gold, eye-catching silver, pure white, beautiful clear accents, and eye-catching neon.

Increase efficiency within your workplace with XEROX smart technology

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