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A blast from the past

Thank you to Pauly who found a historic find! Colyer London has been going on since 1919. Our director, Nigel Southey, has said that Colyer used to make these graphic materials for print in the 1970s, it was made in Hatton Wall off Hatton Garden.

Bill from ColyerGroup, MJCP

“CS2 board was one of a range of boards used by graphic designers and artworkers when their process was almost entirely a manual one. It had a highly refined chalk surface on which to accurately and clearly draw with pens as fine as 0.25mm.

CS6 and the higher quality CS10 boards were also stapled products of the Colyer Graphics range in the mid/late 80s when I worked there with Nigel and Gareth’s mum, Maureen.

It all came to a shuddering halt in the very early 90s when Apple-Mac became mainstream, revolutionising the creative industry making redundant about 60% of the products sold by Colyer Graphics.”

Our fashions boards, and other materials, were quite popular for artists and graphic designers to create their fantastic work. Colyer & Southey has evolved over time to Colyer London.

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