These printers are a new line of ultra-fast printers for CAD and GIS output that use HP’s new PageWide technology to print at speeds of up to 55 pages per minute

With HP PageWide business printers you can get a low cost of ownership and fast speeds, plus secure printing and best-in-class energy. It uses the proven, advanced technology developed for HP’s multimillion-dollar Web Press digital printers, and delivers a new class of desktop printers and MFPs—reinventing the affordability and performance of business printing.

HP PageWide Technology achieves breakthrough speed. The printers print across an entire page in a single pass. 42,240 tiny nozzles on a fixed printhead eject ink in precisely the right location on a moving sheet of paper. Because the paper moves and the printhead does not, the printers are quiet and dependable, offering laser-fast print speeds and a rapid first page out (FPO).

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