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At Colyer we’re all about helping you get all your colours beautiful and accurate but we do have a particular interest (and expertise) in green! The environment and our impact on it, is a key area of focus for us when we’re developing new products and services.

We are ISO14001 accredited. This is about controlling our impact on the environment, and looking for ways to improve our own environmental performance.

We can help you do this in your business too by conducting a Green Audit. This includes simple things like reviewing your purchasing and recommending products that do the same job, but are recycled or are produced with more sensitivity to the environment. We can also look at your refuse and disposal systems and see if more can be recycled or changed to be biodegradable.

Once we’ve completed the audit, we can then make a series of recommendations and suggestions for how you can reduce your impact on the environment and introduce greater efficiencies into your business. And as well as the feel-good factor of ‘doing your bit’, the audit is completely free!

Give us a call today to see how we can help you go green! Will be fully costed, the benefits clearly explained and will include an implementation plan.

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