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Closed Loop Consumables

You may wonder how to dispose of your plastic printer waste without harming the environment. Well, we have the solution for you! As part of our sustainable eco pledge, our team collects back all plastic parts for printers that we send out to our clients. And then re-send all of these plastic waste back to the factory to be recycled, to ensure that no plastic will end up in landfill or the sea.

During the life of any printer, we understand that printers use a lot of parts made out of plastic including:

  • Consumables
  • Toners
  • Drums
  • Fusers
  • Waste toner bottles

Zero Impact Deliveries

Our advanced service system automatically detects when your printer is running low of toner, or in need of a new consumable or part. Once we have received a notification about your printer needs, our expert engineers will deliver and place your items before the printer runs out of its resources. Saving you time and the hassle of trying to fix your printer on your own!

All deliveries will be transported by our own Electric Emission-free eco vehicle. Not only are your plastic waste is being recycled, but you are also helping our planet by leaving a positive green impact on the environment and improving London’s air quality when your printer is in need of any supplies. Join Colyer London and use our sustainable services today for your printer needs.

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