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Xerox Workplace Cloud

Xerox brings the advantages of a cloud-free infrastructure, more security, and less hassle to the SME community with Xerox Workplace Cloud Fleet Management. Xerox fleet management systems push on-demand security updates for individual printers or groups of the entire fleet, whether hackers are targeting cash-strapped IT resources or small businesses.

Customers may conduct on-demand security upgrades for individual printers or the entire network from a single dashboard with XEROX Workplace Cloud Fleet Management. The Xerox Virtual Print Management Service is a mobile subscription service that allows you to save time and print from a variety of computers, networks, and locations.

Make everyday operations simpler for your employees

Provide your team access to printers, cloud storage, and more on the computers they want for their offices, not just with industry-leading security features. The Xerox Workplace solution is a set of services and functionality aimed at increasing efficiency and lowering costs in the workplace. It’s modular, so you can pick and choose what works best for you.

Get in touch with our expert print professionals at Colyer London and we’ll show you how to choose the version that best meets your specific business needs and goals.

Increase efficiency within your workplace with XEROX smart technology

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