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10 tips for environmental office products

“Going Green” is not just a marketing tactic

Office supplies – Here are a few ideas of how to implement a few basic changes to your day to day that will make a difference and allow you to call yourself an Eco-Warrior of business!

  1. Look for the FSC logo. The Forest Stewardship Council provides a guarantee that the products bearing the logo come from responsible sources
  2. Check the supply chain to ensure your suppliers are sustainable.
  3. Make sure you are working with ISO 14001 compliant companies. ISO14001 sets out the requirements for an Environmental Management System, referring to things a company has responsibility for and their impact on the environment. Certification is increasingly important and has become a reason why accredited companies win tenders from non-accredited companies.
  4. Recycle shrink wrap. Only 5.4% is recycled of this wholly recyclable product.
  5. Avoid congestion on the roads by enabling your employees to work from home. Even just once a week will have a 20% positive impact on air quality and traffic jams.
  6. Think about your boxes and packaging materials. Source sustainable suppliers and recycle wherever possible.
  7. Are plastic bags really necessary? Since the UK brought in the 5p tax on plastic bags in supermarkets, there has been a highly visible 30% reduction in plastic bags entering our waterways.  Offer a reusable, fabric alternative for customers which, inadvertently, also provides a great opportunity for branding.
  8. Offer battery and pen recycling.
  9. Include bike racks for employees and encourage car-pooling. What about offering a prize to the most environmentally aware person on the team?
  10. Set up an internal team of employees charged with finding initiatives to reduce waste while respecting the bottom line. As part of your internal communications, organise away day activities that include beach clean-ups rather than the obligatory go-karting competition!
  11. We all need cleaning products and office supplies, but these consumables take their toll on the environment and more often than not end up in landfill rather than being recycled. Most suppliers will offer an eco-friendly alternative.  All you need to do is ask your local, friendly supplier and make a few changes to your usual choices.
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