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Having a modern printer copier makes multitasking a breeze

Scanning a document, naming the file, and emailing it all from your printer copier will make your life and that of your employees much easier. A photocopier (also known as a copier or copy machine, and formerly known as a Xerox machine) is a machine that swiftly and inexpensively copies documents and other visual images onto paper or plastic film.

In simple terms, it duplicates paper into a copy. This machine has evolved to accomplish functions other than copying as technology has progressed. The latest type of photocopy machine works like a laser printer. A toner is used behind the process.

Printing on the go – A copier isn’t just for copying; it can also print from almost any device.

What happens inside a photocopier?

Toner is caught on larger, positively charged beads and kept inside a toner cartridge in your photocopier. When toner-coated beads are rolled over the drum, the positively charged ions on the drum’s unexposed portions are significantly more appealing to the toner particles than the weakly charged bead.­

Offices will be unable to complete their tasks if they do not have access to a photocopier. All of this is possible thanks to the machines’ unique photocopying technology, which allows you to make an increasing number of copies of a single file quickly and efficiently.

Xerox Print Technology

Our response to the ever-changing office environment is Xerox ConnectKey Technology. It’s today’s smart office assistant that not only copies, scans, faxes, and prints documents, but also translates, shares, and generates electronic documents with only a few simple screen taps.

Not only can you scan a hard copy document and send it as a digital document to an email address or a digital folder using a multifunctional printer or copier, but this technology can also simplify complicated operations and reduce the need to reprint documents for modification.

Simply browse the collection on the Xerox ConnectKey Technology-enabled device’s User Interface and press to install. When your business needs change, you may add, remove, or switch out apps from your personalised collection of workplace apps using the App Gallery’s built-in licencing flexibility.


Xerox VersaLink

This is a quantum leap forward in workplace productivity. The Xerox VersaLink printer, tabloid business printers, and multifunction printers (MFPs) are a quantum leap ahead in office productivity. They are intended to change the way we operate today in a safe and secure manner.


Xerox AltaLink

From the family of high-volume printers, the Altalink is a great office printer. Designed for medium to large workgroups, it offers a single-pass duplex scanner, the flexibility to work global and print local, high levels of security with 256-bit hard drive encryption.

Xerox Altalink C8035

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