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Touchless Printing

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A perfect solution to helping to make a COVID safe workplace

Workplace Assistant Cloud is a Smartphone App (Android & iOS) that enables staff to print from anywhere to anywhere without having to physically touch a printer. Likewise, apart from placing an original (which can be placed in an automatic document feeder), WPA gives users full control of copying and scanning from their Smartphone, reducing the risk from any physical contact with shared machines.

Workplace Assistant Cloud Features

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Only authenticated users can print, copy, and scan securely to release prints. This helps you to be compliant against data leakage. This is monitored and reported by the device and helps members to comply with GDPR. The MFD can only be accessed by authenticated users and remains locked to all other forms of users, such as contractors, visitors, etc. Before being printed and seen by others or even lost among other printed jobs on the same MFD, sensitive documents are regulated.


Print once and release to the most convenient available printer on your network


All other print management services have complex on-site solutions that include support services from Hardware & Technical. We have a service that does not need these extra overheads & costs, WPA (Work Place Assistant Cloud) is a stable app. The framework is a Cloud & Laptop Release hybrid so the machine looks for the highest speed from which the file can be released. It's really helpful if you're sending large files. The file can be accessed from either Cloud or Desktop, so even if you’ve turned off your desktop.


Users may check what is needed at the time of release as files are submitted, but not released until necessary. This eliminates incorrect print settings that can be fixed prior to publication, printed & misplaced prints, unwanted (never really necessary) printing. Usually, this lowers the print output by 20% - 30% a year, saving print costs.


Reduction in print volumes means less use of paper and consumables that is good for the climate.


Most cloud services are available from devices such as Dropbox, Box, o365, G-Suite, etc. Accessibility means signing into these cloud services with the MFD, each & every time you want to access them, through user name & password. WPA also enables any Single Sign-on service to be authenticated, simply by authentication, by logging in through the app while on the device. Speed up this tedious method and make it really clear


WPA provides complete guest printing, also from the corporate network, by simply accessing the internet. So visitors and contractors don't have to be allowed access to the corporate network and have some configuration performed by IT. Simply send an email with an attachment to a specific email address and you get a printed release code. You don't need to save a lot of time & staff to do guest prints.


Remote workers can print to machines in the office wherever they are and batch jobs up ready to release next time they are in the office, without touching the machine.

Find out more about workplace assistant cloud with xerox experts today

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