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PrimeLink C9070/C9065

Creative Production Printer

Improve your marketing with our Xerox PrimeLink the most recommended printer for creativity. Offering high-quality print, accurate colour, and fast turnaround.

Xerox Primelink C9070 Printer

At a glance

Improve your marketing with our Xerox PrimeLink the most recommended printer for creativity. Offers high-quality print, accurate colour, and fast turnaround.

The Xerox PrimeLink printer is the greatest “all-in-one” solution for delivering all of your professional and creative needs. Giving you amazing print quality while providing a variety of capabilities for increased efficiency, and versatility in your office and creative work environment

Breathing inspiration into print

Xerox PrimeLink C9065/C9070 Printer delivers the most adaptable capabilities on the market: Unmatched application flexibility, unsurpassed image quality, professional-grade finishing.

State-of-the-art printer and data security

Multiple layers of security include data encryption, access controls, disk overwrite and industry certifications. Audit Log ensures an audit trail of operators’ key events and  Secure Print holds documents for release until you’re ready to retrieve them.  Secure Scanning includes password protection for PDFs and folders, as well as encryption for scanning to email.

Multi Tasking

Designed to promote multitasking and collaboration, it’s customisable to suit your work style. The Xerox® Integrated Colour Server comes standard. Or you can choose from one of three optional EFI servers for more capabilities and more volume.

Smart technology

While the Xerox PrimeLink printer offers functions such as density uniformity/alignment adjustments and colour calibration, its variety of finishing options and efficiency-boosting workflows will keep your print jobs moving efficiently. This one of a kind PrimeLink printer caters for your office needs by allowing you to:

  • Send documents to print from your email or USB
  • Scan your files and automatically send them to your PC
  • Print from any smartphone or tablet device

Key Features

Built from the wheels up as a studio & light production graphics printing machinery. Giving you a high-quality office solution that’s graphic compatible.

A class one laser printer providing your print materials with amazing imaging, quality control, best colour output and colour control.

This printing wizard can print up to 50,000 A4 prints per month while maintaining its uptime of over 99%. A huge reliable investment for your marketing assets and creative team.

Customer replaceable consumables eliminate the need for engineering that other manufacturing systems require work on, these units are used to achieve higher uptimes.

lf the developing and fusing agents are part of the toner technology, so during long runs, you do not see any quality variations from the first print to the last.

Offers the widest range of media in its class, including linens, polyester synthetics, vinyl window clings, magnets, stickers, and more. Ideal for a Studio & Light production system. From lightweight media through to 350gsm media & even 660mm wide long sheet.

Allows a user to adjust image output and registration requirements that would normally be engineering adjustments only via a simple process from the copy head of the printer. Again, supporting better uptime and quality output.

Designed to meet a wide range of needs. From an official document to a high-end production requires managing files for intense graphics and data needs. Three different Front Ends ensure you get the right product for the right job in the right environment.

The feeding and finishing options on the PrimeLink printer mirror those of the full-production Xerox Versant range. This supports high-capacity feeding, inline GBC punching, booklet making with fold, staple, square backing, and three-sided trim. High-end inline quality output for a very affordable investment.

The print toners can quickly be changed out with the ability to offer an 11-Color Option/Beyond CMYK, Gold/ Silver/ Clear/ White ink and fluorescent inks. This opens up a huge range of application offerings from a pay-for-print perspective or packaging perspective.

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