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SC T3700 Series

Versatile Secure Printing

Fully integrated compact single and dual roll technical printers with enhanced IT and security features, the series offers versatile and secure printing solutions for medium and large businesses. The printers’ device access controls include encrypted PIN/passwords and Access Control List (ACL). Secure communication and encrypted SSD and optional NFC card authentication to protect confidential documents. The T3700D /DE models have a dual-roll facility that boosts productivity by offering continuous unattended printing for 2 rolls, with automatic roll loading, media switching, auto-take up and roll-to-roll printing.

Epson SC T3700D Printer

At a glance.

T series print example

High Speed and High Capacities

With speeds up to 130 m2/hr, dual roll, including auto take-up features and 700ml ink cartridges, the SC-T3700 Series can deliver high-volume print jobs fast without compromising on quality

Epson SC T7770D

Detailed and Vibrant Prints

Whether printing large quantities of detailed technical drawings, temporary signage or POP posters for retail and hospitality, the prints are precise and vibrant.


Versatile and secure printing from PCV, mobile and USB.  Automatic media loading and save to functionality.

Compact Footprint

These compact technical printers are simple, elegant design that integrates all the standard features without fussy bolt-on options. Ideal for offices or office corridors.

Product Specifications.

Printing Resolution: 2.400 x 1.200 dpi

Line drawing Roll: up to 130 m2/h / Cut sheet – as fast as A1 16 seconds

Poster: A1 – as fast as 21 seconds (draft mode 300×600 dpi)

Colours:6 Colour – XD3 Pigment

Nozzle Configuration: Micro TFP Piezo – 24 channels (4 per colour) – 400 nozzle per channel – protected by Nozzle Verification Technology

Colour Capacity : 350ML / 700ML  and the  T7700 DL takes 1.6L

Printable Length: up to 91m max length

Roll capacity: T3700E

1 Roll (upto 170mm diameter – 680kg each)

Roll 0.07mm-0.8mm – Cut sheet 0.07mm-0.8mm – Board 1.5mm

Roll capacity: T3700DE,  T3700D,  T5700D,  T7700D,  T7700DL

2 Rolls (upto 170mm diameter – 12.5kg each)

Automatic roll loading/feeding, Auto switching, Auto take up

Roll 0.07mm-0.8mm – Cut sheet 0.07mm-0.8mm – Board 1.5mm

Roll Handling: T3700E, T3700DE,  T3700D,  

10-24-inch Cut sheet A4-A1

Roll Handling: T5700D,  

110-36-inch Cut sheet A4-A0

Roll Handling: T7700D,  T7700DL

10-44-inch Cut sheet A4-B0+

T3700E, T3700DE,  T3700D,  

Width: 1365mm
Height: 975mm
Depth: 499mm
Weight (without ink cartridge):  118kg


Width: 1645mm
Height: 975mm
Depth: 499mm
Weight (without ink cartridge):  137kg

T7700D,  T7700DL

Width: 1848mm
Height: 975mm
Depth: 499mm
Weight (without ink cartridge):  155kg

Epson SC SureColor T3700 Series – Compact Technical Printers


Epson SC T3700EEpson SC T3700DEEpson SC T3700D
Compact Technical Printer
24″ / 610mm
Compact Technical Printers
24″ / 610mm
Compact Technical Printers
24″ / 610mm
Key Features
Paper Size24″24″24″
Ink Cartridge Volume (ml)350ml / 700ml350ml / 700ml350ml / 700ml
Media Handling RollSingle Roll
Dual Roll
Dual Roll
Media Handling cut SheetA4 – A1A4 – A1A4 – A1
Minimum Line Width0.26mm0.2mm0.2mm
Line Accuracy+/- 0.1+/- 0.26+/- 0.26
Print Specification DatasheetT3700E-Tech SpecT3700DE-Tech SpecT3700D-Tech Spec

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