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The context of COVID-19 imposes new rules: social distancing, face masks, body temperature measurement, sanitation, gloves. Colyer reinvents the reception and employees’ entry. A touch totem equipped with the latest thermal camera. Employees’ access control, integrated with the company database, via: Badge | Qrcode | Pin Code

This solution allows:

  • Employees to clock in and out
  • Temperature detection through the latest generation of thermo-scanner
  • Sending alerts in case of fever to the security manager or other delegates, by email or dedicated smartwatch app
  • Possible integration with existing time and attendance software or turnstile



  • No screen contact
  • No sanitation required
  • No need to use gloves
  • Rapid access to the office
  • Smaller gathering


  • The company contact person invites the guest by sending an appointment via email or Outlook calendar
  • The guest receives the email with the invitation to register through a dedicated link
  • The guest fills in the required fields (e.g. name, surname, company, ID, etc.)
  • The fields concerning the contact person to visit, the time, place and possible booked meeting room are already filled in
  • A legal disclaimer is requested for the body temperature measurement when entering the company, GDPR;
  • The guest fills in a triage screen and confirms having read any other document that the company may require
  • A reminder is sent if the guest forgets to pre-register



Once the pre-registration is complete, the guest receives a unique QR code, together with all the documents completed during the pre-registration.

When entering the company, the visitor approaches SMART RECEPTION:

  • The guest scans the QR code using the reader on the totem, without any contact with the screen and therefore without the need to sanitize it afterwards
  • After the scan, an email is sent to the company contact person notifying that the guest is waiting at the front desk
  • The thermo-scanner measures the body temperature
  • If the temperature exceeds the limit, an alert message is sent to the company’s delegate manager by email or dedicated app


If the guest hasn’t pre-registered, the displays a message inviting them to check their email to complete the procedure on their smartphone. It’s always possible to register in a “traditional” way directly on using gloves or sanitizing products. Optionally all the entry documents can be printed, including the QR code for check-out

SMART RECEPTION: data storage and cancellation

E-TOT3M SMART RECEPTION ensures compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

As per current regulation, the E-TOT3M software will keep in memory the input data, available in the dedicated area and it guarantees:

  • The automatic cancellation of the guests’ presence 60 days after the check-in date
  • The automatic cancellation of signed PDFs generated during the pre-registration process and stored for more than 2 days
  • The body temperature data only generate an alert email. The data will not be saved


Face Detection

The 4Mpx sensor allows a view of the scene with an excellent level of detail. The advance analysis system can capture up to 30 faces in the scene at once. Multiple subjects will be identified quickly and simultaneously, making it very helpful when used in crowded environments.

  • Installation Height 1.5m [-3], 2.5m [-6]
  • Face Distance 1m [-3], 3-4m [-6]
  • NETD <40mk(0.04°C)
  • Accuracy ±0.5°C
  • Accuracy ±0.3°C (with Black Body)
  • Temperature Range 30-45°C

Thermal Optics

  • Max Resolution 160×120
  • Optics 3.1 mm [-3], 6.2 mm [-6]

Traditional Optics

  • Max Resolution 2688×1520
  • Optics 4 mm [-3], 8 mm [-6]

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